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Feedback from industry experts

Daniel Hall

"This masterclass is a game-changer! I created a sales letter that converted like crazy, and it took me less than an hour. Thanks, Josh and Laura, for sharing this!"

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Clive Penn

"I used to spend thousands of dollars on copywriters, but now I can create sales letters myself in just an hour! Everything you taught in this masterclass is simply mind-blowing."

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Lee H. Oscar

"As a copywriter, the 60 Minute Sales Letter masterclass helped me skyrocket my productivity and serve more clients in record time. Josh and Laura's AI-based method is truly revolutionary, and I highly recommend it!"

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Rebecca Hinton

I don't have a lot of experience, but I really see that I can shortcut years of hard work and be a great copywriter with AI right out of the gate. Thanks Laura and Josh.  You rock.

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