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Discover a super affordable necklace that records all your best ideas and “ah-ha” momentsLand the $210,000 per year job that is hiring right now!Why this company wants a $30 BILLION valuation, and is going to get it!How to turn AI bots into employees, complete with managers, teams, and everyone else who will run your company for you.Leverage an AI tool to double-check and correct all of your work, in any department of your business.How Google is using AI to help doctors treat patients with much more accuracy than ever before.How to create hyper-realistic food the super easy way + how to use this to get more clients

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Overly Complicated mid journey prompts

Bacon Cheese Burger

STYLE: Low-angle Shot I GENRE: Fast food I EMOTION: Crave-worthy I SCENE: A Juicy burger with melted cheese, crispy bacon, and golden fries on the side I TAGS: Comfort food, indulgent, savory, mouth-watering, fast food | CAMERA: Sony A7 I | FOCAL LENGTH: 50mm | SHOT TYPE: Low-angle | COMPOSITION: Asymmetrical | LIGHTING: Soft artificial light I PRODUCTION: Food Stylist | TIME: Noon | LOCATION TYPE: Interior | POST-PROCESSING: Increased saturation and contrast, selective focus on burger

Curry and Naan

STYLE: Mid-angle Shot | GENRE: Vegetarian | EMOTION: Wholesome | SCENE: A bowl of vegetable curry with rice and naan, on a wooden table with spices and herbs | TAGS: Wholesome, vegetarian, flavorful, spicy, healthy I CAMERA: Nikon D780 | FOCAL LENGTH: 50mm | SHOT TYPE: Mid-angle I COMPOSITION: Rule of thirds | LIGHTING: Soft natural light | PRODUCTION: Food Stylist | TIME: Evening | LOCATION TYPE: Interior | POST-PROCESSING: Increased vibrance, selective focus on curry.


STYLE: Close-up Shot | GENRE: Dessert | EMOTION: Decadent | SCENE: A slice of triple-layered chocolate cake with ganache and fresh raspberries I TAGS: Decadent, rich, chocolate, dessert, indulgent I CAMERA: Canon EOS R6 | FOCAL LENGTH: 100mm | SHOT TYPE: Close-up | COMPOSITION: Asymmetrical | LIGHTING: Soft natural light with reflector I PRODUCTION: Food Stylist | TIME: Afternoon | LOCATION TYPE: Interior | POST-PROCESSING: Increased contrast and saturation!

super simple leonardo output